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Testimonials: Weight Loss and Wellness

Atlas & Thea

"Although we are both in the fitness industry, we finally had to face the fact that our 4 year old Mastiffs, Atlas and Thea, were fat. Really fat. We tried different food and exercise combinations; however, we had little success. With Atlas weighing 215 lbs and Thea around 175 lbs their mobility was limited and painful arthritis was making their lives less enjoyable. Atlas was having trouble just standing ...


"When I first met Dr. Waldman, Sadie (my Golden Retriever) was diagnosed with Hip dysplasia and was headed for surgery. Sadie was not doing well. She limped when she walked, had difficulty climbing stairs and her leg would shake a lot. Upon my first visit to CARE, I met the entire staff. Amy, Alex, Adriana and David, as well as Dr. Waldman. From the first visit I knew Sadie was in good hands. Amy and ...


"I want to thank you for the start of a successful treatment program with my 10' year old golden retriever 'Brian'. Approximately 6 weeks ago Brian who was suffering from arthritis in his back and joints needed help with the use of a tummy harness getting up an down the stairs, he was slow in activity and was in pain and discomfort. Presently Brian no longer is in need of the tummy harness, he has ...


"The CARE and treatment that Kayla received from the wonderful staff at California Animal Rehabilitation was life changing, not only for her but me too. Kayla is 13 and is strong, happy and healthy due in large part to her therapy regime. I watched her go from lethargic depressed and sore, back to a vibrant, prancing and thriving. I would recommend C.A.R.E. to anyone, because the gift of a happy, ...


"Wish dogs could talk so Huckleberry could speak for himself and tell everyone just how genuinely loving and effective all the CARE-givers have been. Then again, the fact he can't wait to get out of the car when we get there, says it all. Huckleberry is only 4 years old, so it was not only devastating but shocking to discover that this sweet young Lab had developed severe arthritis in his front ...


"The skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable, quality care that our 13 yr old Black Labrador Retriever, Shelby, received at California Animal Rehabilitation was unforgettable, and very much appreciated! CARE should be considered Gold Standard in animal care and rehabilitation. We first went to CARE for guidance and assistance in helping Shelby with her arthritis, hip dysplasia, and hind end weakness. ...


"My Roxie was an overweight and non-active dog that unfortunately had such a hard time wanting to be because of her bad front paws. By coming to CARE and meeting Dr. Oxford I now have a healthy Roxie, who has lost so much weight because of her wonderful new diet plan, supplements and exercises (which by the way, the diet has put my other 3 dogs into perfect shape too!) Roxie will always have bad front ...


"My dog shows an improvement in his muscles and activity. He wants to play, before he never was in the mood of playing. He still has trouble going for walks, because he starts to limp after a few minutes. But never the less, he developed muscle and he can stretch further than before. I've put him, with the advice of Dr. Waldman, on a diet on which he lost a few pounds already. I'm looking forward to ...


"My 14 year old Bichon, Mollie has been coming to California Animal Rehabilitation for a year. She had a fairly disasterous case of arthritis. Mollie started out coming two times per week; then once a week, then once every two weeks.We continued for this length of time because Mollie was thriving and now behaves like a 7 year old. Both Mollie and I are so grateful for her miraculous recovery. I ...


Since starting CARE rehab in November (of this year) our golden retriever, Dylan, has shown good improvement. The major change that I have noticed is his overall wellbeing. I can tell he is in less pain than before starting CARE. Dylan used to have a heavy pant all the time no matter what was going on. Now, he is much calmer with very little panting and to me that is a sign that he is in less pain. ...


Harley, our 10 year old Golden, had begun experiencing the effects of his large size; some arthritis, some back and hind leg problems due to “exuberance” injuries. After 2 months of loving and patient care form California Animal Rehabilitation, his condition has improved greatly and we have changed out outlook on his diet, activities, and wellness. His physical problems have abated and he is ...


It is a profound pleasure to find an organization staffed with professionals who truly love animals!! Our association with CARE has been wonderful and Kupo continues to get better and better. Thank you so much! Kupo With L. Sievers November 2012


Thank God for CARE and Dr. Oxford. What a wonderful place where dogs feel loved and can heal. They have helped my friend’s dog after being run over and other Doctors said she’ll never walk and now she hikes hours at a time. My Coco (pit mix) can’t wait to visit and Dr. Oxford and staff healed her limp, helped her to lose weight and I know they’ve added years to her life. It is wonderful ...

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