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Eastern & Western Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Evaluation

Our acupuncture-certified veterinarians perform a comprehensive traditional Chinese Medicine evaluation.  All techniques of traditional diagnosis – including taking pulses, examining the tongue, and a thorough patient history – are employed to devise an effective plan.  CARE’s experienced veterinarians use their extensive knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to make personalized recommendations on useful Chinese herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine food therapies, and acupuncture.  These time-proven methods unite to produce optimum overall health.


Cancer Treatment

Using breakthrough natural supplements, tailored dietary plans, and the range of therapeutic services available at CARE, the progression of cancer can be slowed and quality of life restored. Our regime restores healthy balance to the body, creating an inhospitable environment for the proliferation of cancerous cells.  Treatment– which implements Chinese Medicine principles, pain modifying technology, and supplements and herbals – represents an important auxiliary treatment that addresses the side effects of traditional cancer treatments such as:  nausea, loss of appetite, decreased energy, and depression.


Pain Management & Chronic Disease Management

CARE’s unique, holistic treatment programs are effective at reducing patients’ discomfort.  Integrative methods including acupuncture, magnetic therapy, homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine food therapy, eastern and western herbology, and electronic stimulation combine to reduce the need for pharmaceutical medications. Ailments successfully treated include gastrointestinal disease, chronic pain and kidney disease. The quality of life of patients is invariably improved.

Chi Elements
Chi Elements
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