“Although we are both in the fitness industry, we finally had to face the fact that our 4 year old Mastiffs, Atlas and Thea, were fat. Really fat. We tried different food and exercise combinations; however, we had little success. With Atlas weighing 215 lbs and Thea around 175 lbs their mobility was limited and painful arthritis was making their lives less enjoyable. Atlas was having trouble just standing up and Thea’s hips were getting worse by the day. Then we found C.A.R.E. a neighbor, who had received treatment at C.A.R.E. for her Golden Retriever, referred us to Jessica and Amy and we are so glad she did. Jessica put them a diet that not only had them shedding those extra pound, their allergies cleared up as well. Amy showed us how to work with our dogs so that after our time at C.A.R.E. we could continue their rehab on our own. We couldn’t be happier with the treatment our dogs received, nor could we give them a higher recommendation. Atlas is now a spry 193 lbs and loves being chased by his sister again, and Thea, a svelte 158, is back to tug-of-war and fetch. Thanks C.A.R.E.”

R.M. and Y.L.