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CARE Fit is a proactive fitness and wellness program designed to keep your pet pain free, healthy, and active – from energetic puppies to aging healthy pets. CARE Fit offers comprehensive fitness and wellness programs, designed by CARE’s team of rehabilitation-certified veterinarians and physical therapists, tailored for each pet’s specific needs. CARE Fit is a safe, fun, and active alternative to cage-free daycare that mitigates future health problems and lowers lifetime veterinary costs.



Pets receive a customized one-on-one personal training session. Prescribed by CARE’s doctors, the session is a combination of strengthening exercises, therapeutic stretching, and restorative massage. CARE Fit’s preventative program will make your pet stronger and more flexible.



Your pet can perfect his doggie paddle, have fun, and get fit in our 20-foot lap pool. Our pool uses a chlorine-free alternative sanitizing system.



Time to relax! Your pet will adore the hands-on attention of soft tissue massage. Let our specially trained staff melt your pet’s discomfort and anxiety away.