“When I first met Dr. Waldman, Sadie (my Golden Retriever) was diagnosed with Hip dysplasia and was headed for surgery. Sadie was not doing well. She limped when she walked, had difficulty climbing stairs and her leg would shake a lot. Upon my first visit to CARE, I met the entire staff. Amy, Alex, Adriana and David, as well as Dr. Waldman. From the first visit I knew Sadie was in good hands. Amy and Dr. Waldman were awesome, they assessed what Sadie’s issues were and came up with a game plan that worked extremely well for Sadie.

After the first two weeks Sadie had no difficulty climbing stairs and she was definitely feeling better. Amy’s patience with the animals is incredible. Every week I would watch Amy along with Alex and/or David work with Sadie, and even when Sadie was being her old stubborn self, Amy worked patiently and gently to make Sadie better. After four weeks, Sadie had lost 10 pounds, running up and down the stairs without any problem, playing with the other dogs and being her old mischievous self again.

At the end of two months Sadie is now 16 pounds lighter and the muscles in her leg and hip are much stronger, it’s as if Sadie is a new dog! Sadie is definitely feeling better. I’m so happy I met Dr. Waldman, Amy and the rest of the staff; their patience both with my dog and with me has been greatly appreciated. If it were not for you all, Sadie would have had to have surgery. Now Sadie is much better, NO surgery needed and she sends you much puppy kisses. Thank you so very much!”