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Nutrition & Weight Loss

All nutrition and wellness consultations are performed by a CARE veterinarian certified in both acupuncture and canine rehabilitation.

Nutrition Consultation

The positive effects of a consistent, healthy, personalized diet plan on promoting optimum health and vitality cannot be overstated.

CARE’s certified veterinarians will perform a comprehensive consultation with pet and owner, discovering any nutritional deficits and identifying foods that would be beneficial for your pet’s specific constitution and condition.  Both modern western and traditional Chinese methods are used to evaluate and perfect your pet’s diet using real foods, commercial foods, or a combination thereof. You will go home that day with a customized plan for balanced diet, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle.

Weight Loss

Excess weight contributes to a host of health concerns for pets. The severity and scope of body abnormalities, trauma, or degenerative changes are multiplied when your pet’s body has to bear the burden of unnecessary pounds.  Weight loss is a thoroughly effective, often overlooked method of improving a pet’s comfort, mobility, and quality of life.  Keeping your pet at his or her ideal weight will diminish the possibility of future orthopedic injury and lower lifetime veterinary bills.

CARE’s modern facility affords the convenience of on-site tools to aid weight loss such as:  land treadmill, underwater treadmill, and a lap pool.

Atlas Before Weight Program

pet weight loss

Atlas After Weight Loss Program

Video: Molly prepares for the Cat Olympics with a CARE weight loss and fitness regimen.

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