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Boarding & Grooming Services

DayCARE and Overnight CARE

CARE provides the highest standard in boarding, day or night, with overnight supervision and veterinarians on call 24/7.

Your pet will reside in their own private accommodations under veterinary supervision. We provide personalized attention and several walks throughout the day and overnight.

During your pet’s stay, companion services such as personal training, pool swim, or massage sessions can be integrated.


  • Veterinarians on-site 6 days a week and on call 24/7
  • Perfect daycare option for pets whose age, medical or behavioral condition are incompatible with a cage-free environment
  • Eliminates the risk of injuries, infectious disease, and altercations
  • Easily fits into your budget with a la carte pricing


Post-Operative Boarding Services

CARE’s post-operative boarding services enable an immediate start to rehabilitation by physical therapists and veterinarians certified in canine rehabilitation, improving the outcome of surgery and facilitating a faster return to function. CARE’s specialized program allows for consistent management of pain, edema, and effusion. In order to ensure the best possible surgical outcome, owners receive the added benefit of an educational discharge appointment and personalized home exercise assignment and printout.

CARE veterinarians keep in close contact with patients’ surgeons so that all post-surgical directives are followed. Pets may begin post-operative boarding with pain management treatments immediately upon release from the hospital.


Full scale, medically supervised grooming services are available from our experienced professionals. Our grooming facility is designed with consideration for each pet’s needs, including a floor level step-in tub. Health and recovery are paramount, with pets lying down comfortably for a majority of all sessions. All services are performed by hand, with no cage drying or excessive restraint.