“The skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable, quality care that our 13 yr old Black Labrador Retriever, Shelby, received at California Animal Rehabilitation was unforgettable, and very much appreciated!

CARE should be considered Gold Standard in animal care and rehabilitation. We first went to CARE for guidance and assistance in helping Shelby with her arthritis, hip dysplasia, and hind end weakness. We didn?t expect miracles, we just wanted her to be comfortable, and learn some new ways to help Shelby at home. What we got was an increase in her quality of life, and in her comfort level and especially, an increase in strength in her hind end.

We were able to reduce her pain medication usage to an occasional dose, and instead give her a homeopathic anti-inflammatory medication for pain relief as needed (which is only a few doses a month). The combined treatment modalities at each visit worked noticeable wonders! We have tried several of the treatments before throughout Shelby?s life but only one at a time. That is what we feel makes CARE treatments so unique, and so successful. The ENTIRE staff treated Shelby, (and her parents) like royalty! They all love animals, and thoroughly enjoy helping them. They take their jobs seriously and celebrate the improvements they see in their patients, no matter how big or small.

Without fail, at each session the staff?s main goal was to make sure that Shelby left feeling better than when she came in, which is exactly the way I see them treat all of their patients. The conclusive proof of Shelby’s treatment was in the videos taken at Day 1, then half way through her course of therapy, and at her final appt, showing significant improvement in mobility and strength. We can’t express enough thanks and appreciation for all the help they have given us, and all the relief they have given Shelby!”

WP and MP and Shelby too
January 2010