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Pool Swims and Underwater Treadmill

Underwater Treadmill

Flexibility, improved conditioning, strengthening, and core work are but a few of the myriad benefits of the underwater treadmill.

The buoyancy of the underwater treadmill provides the perfect environment to encourage proper movement. Pressure is relieved from the joints, allowing limbs to move as they should, in a way that is impossible to duplicate on dry land. This important therapy enhances cardiovascular health and delivers a fun and exciting exercise, promoting active range of motion.

The targeted environment of the underwater treadmill allows CARE’s canine rehabilitation-certified veterinarians and doctors of physical therapy to observe a pet’s gait with unparalleled accuracy, immediately noticing any changes to be integrated into the treatment plan.

Pool Swims

Supervised, one-on-one, purposeful pool swims in the safe environment of our 20-foot lap pool are an excellent option for pets that lack the ability to properly bear weight with all four paws on the ground. Our extensively trained therapy assistants will direct and safeguard your pet during all pool swims in our 20-foot lap pool, which utilizes a chlorine-free alternative sanitizing system.