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Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will consist of a thorough examination conducted by a veterinarian certified in canine rehabilitation and acupuncture.

Initial evaluations span two hours of face-to-face time with one of our certified veterinarians. Our priority is to educate you to be an advocate for your own pet. This is the most valuable tool of rehabilitation, thus treatments are generally not performed during this time. This time is allotted to ensure that you are sufficiently informed to best influence your pet’s recovery.

During your initial evaluation, your veterinarian will review and analyze the following:

      • Medical history
      • Medications, supplements, and diet
      • Imaging & veterinary record
      • Conformation & body alignment
      • Suitability of assistive devices





Your veterinarian will additionally examine:

      • General internal health
      • Movement using video aids
      • Joint health
      • Range of motion
      • Muscle strength & girth





Your CARE veterinarian may also recommend a combination of these breakthrough injections:

Findings will be communicated to your current veterinary providers.

You will leave your initial evaluation armed with diet and nutrition recommendations, an in-clinic treatment plan, a home exercise program, and a strategic regime of medications, supplements, and herbals – all custom-tailored for your pet.

A home exercise program is one of the most influential aspects of any rehabilitation program. CARE’s certified veterinarians and physical therapists will continuously update your home exercises to ensure they always focus on your pet’s most current needs. This up-to-date program can be conveniently accessed at home via a straightforward and informative website with video demonstrations.

"CARE professionals are the creators of the first and only internet based home exercise program for pets called Flexible Pet. It has instructions, photos and instructional videos about how to conduct your pet?s therapy from home. It also is a medium for communicating with your rehabilitation professionals and is constantly updated as your pet progresses through therapy.?

After your initial evaluation, you will have a clear idea of your pet’s diagnoses and be well-informed of what lies ahead. Together with your veterinarian, reachable goals will be determined. Providing both you and your pet with peace of mind and comfort is our priority.


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We are pleased that most pet insurance carriers cover a majority of rehabilitation costs. Please contact us with any inquiries.


Payment Options

Payment is required at the time services are provided. If you purchase a package and receive a discount, pre-payment is required.

CARE accepts Care Credit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, check, or cash.


Cancellation Policy

We require cancellation 48 hours in advance of appointment in order to avoid a fee.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment, please contact us and we will review your options.