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Testimonials: Knee Injuries (Post-Surgery)


"CARE and Dr. Waldman provided the best veterinary care our 2 and a half year old maltese has received in her short life. We originally brought Shiva in for pre- and post-surgery physical therapy to assist with her recovery for luxating patellas. Through Dr. Waldman's persistent, diligent and thorough care, we found an undiagnosed severe AA instability ...Read More >>


"Words are not enough to express our gratitude for the excellent care Brooklyn received at California Animal Rehabilitation Center. Upon meeting Dr. Wladman, Adriana, Amy, and the staff at CARE I knew Brooklyn would be in good hands. Brooklyn, a cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, who was diagnosed with two medial luxating patellas before the age ...Read More >>


"In May of 2008, Nate was diagnosed with an ACL tear in his rear left leg. A Tibial Tuberosity Advancement procedure was performed and after a difficult recovery, I began to look for further rehabilitation care. Since Nate was so large (200+lbs), it was important to begin his rehab as soon as possible especially since the chance for an opposite leg ...Read More >>


"I am completely satisfied with the care and rehab Shelby has received. She exceeded all expectations I thought she would have in such a short time. Shelby is now ready to go back into the show ring and start winning. All thanks to CARE." M.L.


"It has been 3 months since our 6-year-old pitbull Emmett tore his cruciate ligament in his hind leg. About 5 weeks after surgery, Emmett was still refusing to use his leg and began showing signs in his other hind leg that he may need a second surgery for another condition. Needless to say, we were beside ourselves. Then, the surgeon referred us to ...Read More >>


"Marlowe saw the coyote before we did, pulled away and gave chase. We found him nearby, his paw impossibly bent, bones shattered and ligaments blown out. After an expensive operation, we were not looking to spend more, and we looked forward to his recovery after 15 weeks in a cast. The recovery was slow, but he did start walking better. To a point. ...Read More >>


"There's no question Megan improved with the wonderful care at CARE. Everyone here is incredibly friendly, helpful, and taught me so much at how to help Megan in all areas: nutrition, physical activity, and more! Thank you so much for all of your help! I'll be continuing to send folks your way." B. B., June 2010


I didn't know the extent of repercussions following a torn ligament. I think I opted for alternative surgery and therapy because I had an insurance policy I believed in. The process was long and had highs and lows. I have to say I was skeptical along the way. However the systematic therapy treatments, my commitment to follow through at home , and the ...Read More >>


This is the story of Jesse Pants Schmidt. Jesse is a sports dog and loves catching balls. He loves a good run in the hills and fighting coyotes. A couple of years ago Jesse's hind leg began hurting and he was limping. I had the radical surgery, TPLO. The recovery was horrible. His leg was so sore and swollen. It took weeks of recovery. A year later ...Read More >>


About a year or so ago, Abby who is my 7 year old black lab injured her left hind leg while she was wrestling with another dog. Dr. Oxford at CARE diagnosed the injury as a torn cruciate ligament. After a few months of PT at CARE along with exercises and a diet at home, Abby’s leg improved greatly. She wasn’t 100% but she was pretty close to that, ...Read More >>


Floyd lost his leg to cancer a few months ago. He went into therapy as a preventative measure and this treatment here has been top notch and everyone has been so lovely and patient. Everyone here has helped him maintain his core strength and has strengthened his remaining limbs. I am so grateful for the care he has been given. Thank you so much. ...Read More >>


Fred is a 9 month old lab puppy who before therapy at CARE couldn’t walk more than a block without stopping. He had already had surgery on both shoulders and was experiencing quite a bit of pain in his hips and elbows as well. Throughout therapy, Fred has steadily improved and is able to exercise regularly and basically be a “puppy” again. More ...Read More >>


I’m so grateful to the wonderful staff at CARE for their time and gentle patience with my special girl, Rita. She came to CARE at age 11 with a multitude of senior and post-surgical challenges, including back pain and shaking legs. Rita had trouble walking around our neighborhood, which is her favorite activity. With a CARE regimen of acupuncture ...Read More >>

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