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Testimonials: Knee Injuries (No Surgery)

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"Thank you so much for the love, attention, and patience you gave to Mylee! She?s our little angel and the progress that she has made is astonishing! She loves running on the beach, wrestling with her brother, Dexter, in the back yard, and chasing rabbits in the Arizona desert. Who would have ever thought that she would be capable of such ...Read More >>


"Our mastiff, Lulu, tore a ligament in her knee. Apparently it's a common injury, and all the vets we spoke to insisted that she would need a very invasive, traumatic surgery. The only vet that suggested that Lulu might be healed without surgery was Dr. Waldman. After eight weeks, Lulu made a significant turnaround! She walks without a ...Read More >>


"When we found out our 9 year old dog, Einstein, had torn the ligament in his back leg, we were obviously distraught. It?s difficult enough when you see a beloved family pet limping around exclusively on 3 legs in pain?the same pet who absolutely lives to play ball. All day. Every day. It?s even worse when you?re told by a vet that surgery ...Read More >>


"Ginger was diagnosed over a several month period by one of the top veterinary surgeons in Los Angeles as having a soft tissue injury which was inoperable. It was so frustrating and worried me. She was having difficulty in standing and obviously affected her mood as well-as she was always an extremely active working dog. Having been through ...Read More >>


"Toshi came to CARE by recommendations from Brent-Air Animal Hospital. It was either having surgery or therapy. Toshi choose therapy. Dr. Waldman and Dr. Kramer were very helpful for her treatment and after the16 weeks session, I can say that Toshi now walks almost normal. A very slight limp (she always had one) and now trots like before ...Read More >>


"We are delighted with the treatment and TLC our 8 yr old Lab, Katie, has received in therapy at CARE. Before contacting Dr. Waldman I was beginning to think that major surgery was the only option for Katie's torn Cranial Cruciate Ligament. Dr. Waldman and Dr. Kramer did a thorough evaluation of Katie and recommended a program of therapy and ...Read More >>


"When we first started Truffles had just torn his ligament and was in a lot of pain. He had trouble moving and lost his appetite and energy. I was skeptical of physical therapy for dogs first, but since Truffles was quite old we wanted to avoid surgery. We thought we?d give it a try. After 3 or 4 sessions, Truffles conditions were visibly ...Read More >>


"Bosco was diagnosed with an ACL tear at the end of May. We were told by our vet that surgery was the only answer. We believe in having surgery only as a last resort and did a search to see if there was a place nearby that did rehab for animals. Thankfully my husband found CARE. After Bosco's first visit, we immediately saw signs of improvement. The ...Read More >>


"Ever since I was a kitten, I've had a luxating patella (dislocating kneecap). I used to be able to shake my leg and kick my knee back into place. At some point, I injured myself, rupturing the cruciate ligament in my knee. Then my kneecap got stuck in a dislocated position, and scar tissue formed. I started limping, and my muscles atrophied ...Read More >>


"One month ago, it was painful to watch Gustavo take every step with a cruciate rupture in his hind leg.? After rehabilitation therapy at CARE along with the exercises you have given us to do at home and changes in his diet, G barely has a limp and it is easy to tell that he once again enjoys his walks.? Just a very great big Thank You!!" B.A., ...Read More >>


"When our 8-year old Terrier mix, Cookie, was unable to walk for a month last Fall, it was devastating to us. We took her to a surgeon who explained that Cookie had torn ligaments in both knees. She had always been an active dog, and walks and playing were her favorite pastimes. We were afraid those days were behind her. After the surgeon ...Read More >>


"My 13-year old Sherpherd/Rott mix, Bowie, had a CCL injury. I thought I would have to undergo a traumatic surgery but I did some research and when I learned that 50% of dogs who do the CCL surgery have the other knee damaged within a year, I then understood that it might be because of overuse of the good leg and no use of the injured ...Read More >>


"We thought that we had seen everything with our 3.5 year old English Bulldog, Pixie. When she was diagnosed with a CCL rupture in her right leg, we had little knowledge of what our options were. She was deemed a non-surgical candidate due to previous complications with surgery so we decided to go with Conservative Management. With a willingness ...Read More >>


"Chewy is the sweetest Chihuahua in the world. Last fall she jumped off the bed and tore her cruciate ligament. After looking into surgical treatment we opted instead for physical therapy and acupuncture at CARE. After 8 weeks of treatment with the caring staff at CARE, Chewy went from not putting her leg down at all to walking almost normally ...Read More >>


(also listed below, but this post is via projectthanx.com)

Dear friends, Every Friday, Project Thanx, is granted permission to celebrate and honor those we wish to thank! This week you?re in for such a treat, especially if you?re animal lovers. Dr. Jessica ...Read More >>


"CARE was a great experience for Happy and for me. Happy got the help she needed to gain confidence in herself and her ability to move around as she has always done. And she experienced the types of therapeutic exercises she will probably for the rest of her life in a calm setting. She also got to see other dogs having some of the same difficulties ...Read More >>


"Loui was diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament and TPLO surgery was recommended by consensus of 5 different veterinarians, however, after reviewing literature about this procedure, we were not convinced that it was safe for an old dog like Loui because there was risk for several complications. ?We made the decision to create our own ...Read More >>


My English Bulldog was injured playing in my backyard and when I needed a rehab facility, I found CARE. They are awesome! C.M., September 2010


"I cannot thank you enough for the kindness, generosity and quality of care you have given to Bravo. His overall health, demeanor and range of motion have improved. Furthermore, the doctors? and staff?s open communication, sincerity and sensitivity were most appreciated. Thank you again." Tracy, The Amanda Foundation And Bravo October ...Read More >>


When my dog Sandi came up lame after chasing a squirrel I went into panic mode. My vet diagnosed her as having a ruptured CCL. She did not push surgery byt that seemed like the way to go until I came to CARE for a second opinion. Dr. Oxford spent two hours examining Sandi and explaining how rehabilitation with acupuncture, water therapy etc. ...Read More >>


I don?t have the words to express the gratitude I feel to CARE for helping my dog. She came into CARE with a frequent, almost constant limp from a torn canine acl. She has basically recovered full range of motion! Her energy is back and is walking pain free. She has responded wonderfully to the therapy. All my thanks to Dr. Oxford and the ...Read More >>


Buster has progressed from totally not using one leg due to a “snapped” “ACL” to now walking slowly with weight on the leg in 8 weeks. We are all hoping the next 4 weeks will see a total recovery. Everyone at CARE has made this rehab a pleasant (for me) and almost enjoyable (for Buster) experience. Buster With M. Brown August ...Read More >>


The CARE staff is very nice and knowledgeable. Charlee, my 1o5lb newfoundland had a knee injury and hip dysplasia. CARE helped Charlee get through her injury and future issues. We had an option of surgery or physical therapy. We opted for physical therapy and are very happy with the outcome. Thank you CARE! Charlee With K. Doner October ...Read More >>


It is a profound pleasure to find an organization staffed with professionals who truly love animals!! Our association with CARE has been wonderful and Kupo continues to get better and better. Thank you so much! Kupo With L. Sievers November 2012


Birdie, my 13 year old Weimaraner, ruptured her cruciate ligament. Because of her age, she did not have surgery done. While she did improve, after 3 weeks, she was still very unsteady and hesitant to put weight on her injured leg. Friends recommended that I take her to CARE for physical therapy. CARE’s approach to diagnosis and treatment ...Read More >>


"When we brought Sammy to CARE, she tore a ligament. She had trouble walking and putting weight on her hind leg. With the therapy she received she was able to avoid surgery. Now she is healthier then she was before she hurt herself. " I. Duarte & M. Bello - August 2012


My experience at CARE was wonderful, especially because I was able to learn the necessary exercises that would improve my dog’s condition. Knowing week by week what had improved and what needed to be worked on was essential for his health. The whole process was fantastic for me as a learning experience and knowing how my dog has improved, ...Read More >>


"CARE has truly been a life saver for Wally. He has recovered almost completely without surgery and all due to the amazing staff and doctors at CARE. Wally and his parents thank you with all our hearts!" S. Ramo - August 2012


In just 4 weeks, Indiana has improved a lot! He had a torn ligament and wasn’t standing on his rear left leg at all. Now he stands, walks normally, and sleeps better. He’ll still have off days when he pushes himself too much, but he has more good days. His muscle mass has increased in the hurt leg too. Indiana With M. Schuyler October ...Read More >>


Lakme came to CARE unable to walk on her back leg due to a torn ACL and now she’s ready to run around! The staff is incredibly patient and understanding to Lakme as she is very resistant to being handled, which is exactly what rehab is! Dr. Voulgaris was easy to connect with questions after hours which was extremely helpful! Lakme With ...Read More >>


We are at the halfway point in an 8 week rehabilitation program ? she is 50% better... and with more treatments and times, I expect (hope) she will be closer to 95% !!! (if her knee holds up). You are all SO wonderful! It’s been an amazing experience so far.. and with such a wonderful group of people! Both Lucy and I feel better when ...Read More >>


Dax our Doberman had a partial ACL tear and our vet recommended a very invasive surgery. We researched the literature on the internet and came across CARE and the idea of conservative management as an alternative to surgery. When Dax arrived at CARE, he limped badly and his left knee was very swollen. After their recommended course of therapy ...Read More >>


Cadillac loves coming to CARE! The improvements she has made over the past ten months have greatly increased her quality of life. There is almost no pain, soreness, or stress from her injuries after being treated by Dr. Oxford. These people really CARE , and it shows! S. Baker February 2013


I was two days away from taking Charlie to surgery when a good friend recommended I look into CARE Animal Rehab. I didn’t want to delay putting an end to his pain but I was worried about the really violent nature of the surgery he was about to undergo. From minute one I was so impressed with the knowledge, care and attention to detail that ...Read More >>

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