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Testimonials: Disc Disease, Back and Neck Problems

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from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (June 1, 2010)


"What a pleasant rewarding experience it was to take my dog to CARE. Dr. Waldman and Dr. Kramer took over, together with their very dedicated, capable and caring staff, the rehabilitation of my 3 year old Shitzu-Poodle 'Pepper.' Within 2 months of 2 visits a week, which included acupuncture, manual therapy and underwater treadmill Pepper was back walking and playing, without pain, as if he had never had a problem. Bravo CARE! And thank you so very much." P.N.


"While under the care of a dogwalker, Wily was hit by a van. Neurologists had little hope that he would have use of his hind legs. This was April 8, 2008. He began at CARE about 2 weeks later, and for the next 8 weeks, began the most amazing healing process ever. It's nothing short of a miracle what Drs. Jessica and Amy and the entire staff ...Read More >>

Crush Jackson

"I was very worried about what to do with Crush Jackson when he was hurt, and your facility gave us such hope and we have become a great team all the way from all of you to me at home. We love CARE it has given our life and sport back." R.A.


"In July 07 our 4 yr. old peekapoo Monkey suffered a ruptured disc and required emergency surgery. The post-op prognosis was not good with regard to Monkey being able to walk again, and also her ability to control her bladder and bowels. We were referred to CARE to get Monkey into physical therapy, but mainly because they do a lot of work ...Read More >>

Boo Boo

"In April my 3 year old mastiff, Boo Boo, suffered a spinal cord injury while playing with his brother, which left his both hind legs paralyzed. He gradually regained use of his left hind leg, and with time was able to support himself with his right hind leg for brief periods at a time. However, his right paw knuckled and he had no voluntary ...Read More >>


"Dickens was giving up on life due to mobility issues before we were referred to CARE. He could barely walk due to old age, arthritis + spine issues. With the love + CARE of all of the employees + therapists here he is now able to follow us around the house go on short walks, is back to stealing chips off of the coffee table and friends have stopped saying 'your dog is on his lasts legs.' It has been refreshing to see a staff of people who enjoy their work so much and to see all the animal clients enjoy their therapy so much." L.L.


"CA.R.E. has given ME a boost. I have a 14 year old German shepherd and her remarkable improvement and her enjoyment of her 'lessons' eases my heart. Her back left leg had been giving way and twisting around her right rear leg. Now, she has more muscle and self corrects her stance. The facility and the staff have a healing energy and I have great confidence in their treatments, respect, and affection for their clients." A.R.


"Zoey is now 14. Before we rescued her (when she was still a puppy), she had been hit by a car and her leg was shattered. Surgery repaired her leg, but she always walked (hiked, ran) with a limp. As Zoey got older, arthritis set in and she was less able to go on long walks and appeared to be in pain. Acupuncture and herbs helped, but only ...Read More >>


"SAMMI'S BACK! Let me introduce you to Sammi. A most unique dog. He is an eight year old spinger spaniel who was lucky enough to have met a most unique team of humans to help him. While barking at a neighbors dog one day, Mom noticed he had begun limping. His limping became worse, and after only two weeks his limping had turned into falling ...Read More >>


"Dear Dr. Jessica & Staff, It's been so much fun getting to know you. You make my back and hips feel so much better. I especially like walking on the treadmill and the great massages you give. My muscles have grown and have helped me walk and run properly. Thank you for all the low calorie treats. However, I don't like eating less at mealtime! Woof, Woof, Mr. Zeke - A gorgeous, loving, sweet 11 year old Golden Retriever." A. Horwich


"CARE has the most loving and wonderful family of Vets and attendants who truly help the animals with love and kindness. My dog could not walk when she came. They said they could help her. Now she is playing and walking. She can also run. " A. Garrity - May 2012


Amazing results for my dog!!! Sebastian With K. Schindler 2012

Buddy & Rocky

I have 2 mini schnauzers who are 10 and 12 years of age. The 10 year old was visibly limping. Dr. Oxford evaluated Buddy and noted he had cervical/ lumbar spine abnormality. On the appropriate program his pain resolved and his strength improved. He will be tapered off his maintenance program. Buddy is now so happy being pain free. In the middle ...Read More >>


CARE is the best rehab I could have taken Chloe, my Havenese to be treated at. She is almost back to being a puppy! I could not be more satisfied. Chloe With F. Consolo August 2012


George arrived at CARE in pain and limping. His Stiffness in his neck and elbows was severe. After two months of physical therapy, acupuncture, and water therapy ? George has 100% improved and a Happy MAN! Thank you to the wonderful staff, reception, physical therapists, vets, and Dr. Waldman. J. Freeman August 2012


The folks at CARE are great. They are so loving and tender with all their patients. My standard poodle was having problems with his back legs and they were abel to determine the cause and correct the problem in 8 weeks. They give good handouts and instructions and answer all your questions. They truly CARE!!! Jacques With J. Scheff October 2012


Wow, where can I start? I first met Dr. Waldman and Amy about 6 years ago when my then 5 year old Bernese Mountain dog Hudson was having a really hard time walking. She had always had orthopedic issues, 2 elbow surgeries before the age of 2, both hips 1/3rd in the socket, and had just been diagnosed by an MRI with 3 bulging discs (two in her ...Read More >>


In November 2012, my eleven year old Pomeranian, Sadie, was diagnosed with Syringomyelia. Sadie’s first symptoms began in her front legs. Sadie frequently fell as she walked because her front legs were continuously giving out. Shortly after, her front legs began to splay which make it difficult to even stand. The symptoms quickly progressed ...Read More >>


Cadillac loves coming to CARE! The improvements she has made over the past ten months have greatly increased her quality of life. There is almost no pain, soreness, or stress from her injuries after being treated by Dr. Oxford. These people really CARE , and it shows! S. Baker February 2013


When Mochi first injured her back and had to have surgery, I knew she would need rehabilitation afterwards. We care to CARE and under the care of Dr. Waldman & the staff there, she regained her ability to walk within a few months! Four years later, we are still coming for her tune ups! Mochi and I love the doctors and the staff here. They are the best! Thanks again CARE! J. Chee February 2013


We had a fantastic experience at CARE- from my first phone call when Andrew’s voice was calming and reassuring, and he got Dr. Waldman to explain the procedures and possibilities of what to expect, we knew we had found the best place for our paralyzed dog. Every visit brought a little progress and a lot of love. The exceptional staff ...Read More >>


In January of 2013, we brought our four year old Silken Windhound boy, Dior (BIS RBIS UKC Grand CH, ISWS Ch, IABCA/ICKC Int’l Ch Allagante Christian Dior, LMC II, EC, SRC, ASFA, FCh, CGC, Delta Society/Pet Partners Therapy Dog), to C.A.R.E. when a friend (who saw him tumble and had the same occurrence with her Rhodesian Ridgeback so she ...Read More >>


We adopted Kimo (a min pin/pug mix) when he was about 3 months old. About a month later, we noticed he had a slight limp in his left leg. It got progressively worse, so we decided that he should get an FHO surgery. We had heard a lot of great things about CARE and decided to enroll him in their rehabilitation program. Kimo goes in the underwater ...Read More >>


The total program at CARE has changed my dog’s life. Devon is a 14 y.o. white golden retriever. It really pained my family and me to see her slow down and lose interest in life. Dr. Waldman completely changed her diet, meds and supplements. The physical therapists do a great job of exercising, stretching & mobilizing Devon’s joints ...Read More >>


I’m so grateful to the wonderful staff at CARE for their time and gentle patience with my special girl, Rita. She came to CARE at age 11 with a multitude of senior and post-surgical challenges, including back pain and shaking legs. Rita had trouble walking around our neighborhood, which is her favorite activity. With a CARE regimen of acupuncture and stretching exercises, Rita is nearly back to normal and is enthusiastically enjoying her walks again. Thanks CARE! Paula M. May 2013


Thank God for CARE and Dr. Oxford. What a wonderful place where dogs feel loved and can heal. They have helped my friend’s dog after being run over and other Doctors said she’ll never walk and now she hikes hours at a time. My Coco (pit mix) can’t wait to visit and Dr. Oxford and staff healed her limp, helped her to lose weight and I know they’ve added years to her life. It is wonderful to find such a dedicated staff of professionals and animal lovers under one beautiful roof (ruff). D. Singer May 2013


I brought Webster to CARE after he hurt his back and could not lie down without yelping in pain. Dr. Waldman did a very thorough and impressive evaluation of his posture, gait, muscle size, diet, and medications. She prescribed a combination of diet and lifestyle changes, as well as physical therapy, and over time, Webster’s condition ...Read More >>


When we first came Tukan was limping pretty bad and he was in pain. After the evaluation and his first session I can see improvement. The therapists, vets and staff of CARE are amazing and always try to make him and me as an owner happy. After eight weeks I can really see the difference. His life is better, he enjoys therapy and he is just happy again. Thank you guys for making our life better! Tukan With S. Ledesma 2012


Both my special needs chow chows have had a host of issues to overcome. Most recently, both suffer from bad elbow dysplasia, and consequential/related issues in spine and other limbs. Both recently endured a bacterial infection that affected their weakened limbs. With CARE’s programs, they have made remarkable progress. Their limping and ...Read More >>


When I first brought my dog Cole in to the Care Rehab facility, it was something of a hail Mary pass for us. Cole is a 13-year old lab/pit mix who has been an active dog his whole life, hiking or going to the dog park almost daily. Having previously recovered from both a cruciate tear as well as a serious spinal surgery for disc compression ...Read More >>


I found everyone at the rehab to be friendly and professional. Lily was treated well and so was I. Lily With D. Keiper October 2011


Kiko's issue began with him. Keeping his leg up and then biting a toe, which he took the whole toenail off, which I immediately took him to his vet which he diagnosed as soft tissue pain etc and a tumor of some sort and he amputated his toe. And said he should be walking back on it normal again soon. So after a week or so still progress, I ...Read More >>


So remember those school yard bullies who would not relent unless you screamed out uncle or auntie, whatever the case might require-- Poor Boomer was pinched and prodded every which way during yesterday's four week re-evaluation at CARE but for an important purpose. As you all know, Boomer was struck with overnight paralysis on Friday, ...Read More >>


What a wonderfully special place! Right from the start the warm introduction by Callie on the phone (who seems to take everything in 'stride') to the first hello by Brittney and the entire front office team, to JoBim's new favorite doctor and one I truly trust and respect - Heather Oxford -- what a delight she is -- warm, caring and so very ...Read More >>


My experience has been great. Everyone at rehab seems to go the extra mile to help Rudy. Dr. Waldman has been very informative with Rudy's condition. Rudy has definitely benefited from rehab. As Rudy has arthritis has good days and bad days. Rudy will continue his rehab for another few months. Thank you to all the great staff! Thanks CARE! R. Williams, March 2011


"As a former show dog, Stoney collected many ribbons and spent hours in the ring. But with age, our beloved Wheaton Terrier found in harder and harder to romp and play and get around like he once did. Stoney's veterinarian and neurologist did a thorough examination in August, 2010. Our dog's back legs were wobbly and he had difficulty walking. ...Read More >>


Thank you so much to Dr. Waldman and the amazing and genuinely caring staff at CARE. Dulcinea, now 15 years old, is a regular patient and it is only through the unique therapy program catered to her needs that she keeps going with less pain and less limping. (Poor little girl was super athletic and is now suffering in old age.) Dulcinea literally ...Read More >>


We can't thank CARE enough for taking care of Angus! As a physical therapist for people it is GREAT to know what to do for my dog to manage his problem. Dr. Waldman and each physical therapist Angus saw are extremely knowledgeable and caring. He is doing AWESOME! Thank you! C.G., January 2011


"CARE has been more than care for Cooper. I would like to come back a dog!! To have the wonderful care and treatments you do so well." M. F. & L.F., June 2010


"I was in England with my husband for the summer when I get a call from my mother who was taking care of my dog Georgy, that she was dragging her legs. Within three hours, Georgy was having major back surgery. Being so far away was really hard. My mother was scared that she has to do this on her own. It seemed so overwhelming. Georgy's surgeon ...Read More >>


"As long as our drives were, our experience at CARE made it all worth it. P-chan started with significant spinal pain and luxating patellas, making simple things like getting up and walking very difficult. She couldn't enjoy running freely at the dog park or beach anymore, and cried going up and down a couple stairs to the yard. We even noticed ...Read More >>

Princess Clover

"Princess Clover's Care at "CARE" has been life altering. She came to CARE unable to use her hind legs, in pain and recovering from disc/spinal surgery. In the last four weeks she's strengthened her core, her legs and relearned the art of "walking the runway" almost without staggering. She's now mobile at home, happy and improving daily. The staff and Dr. JW are my heroes. 'We' love you. Blessings & Gratitude," J.B., June 2010


"I feel so much better since I've been coming to CARE. My bones and muscles are better AND I've made so many new friends too!! I look forward to my trip to CARE every week! Although I'm doing so good they tell me I may only have to come once a month -- which is good I guess but I'll miss seeing my new buddies. I am a T.V. star, you know, so my ability to walk, sit, and all that stuff is very important. If you are having any problems at all, go to CARE and they will hook you up with whatever you need. I promise. Good Luck!" Bella With Nancy Miller September 2010

TJ Stubbs

"The Entire staff has been friendly and helpful. Any questions were promptly answered and any problems rapidly addressed. We saw our dog go from a point where he was dragging his back legs to where he is walking and even running in a very short time. The staff seemed even more pleased with his progress than we were and we were overjoyed. We cannot say enough about the care given to our dog and the work and accomplishments achieved. We tell everyone about the wonder work done here and the hope there is for handicapped pets." D.R., January 2010


"The team at CARE is amazing. My first exposure was to Dr. Jessica Waldman who was not only professional and caring but totally cool. She had a sense from the start that our dog T-bone may have had something else going on. Originally his joints were swollen, he couldn't use his left rear leg, he was feverish and barely eating and was diagnosed ...Read More >>


"Just before Christmas 2008, Sofia, our 5 year old standard dachshund, suffered a ruptured disc and required surgery. After 6 weeks she suffered a second ruptured disc and needed emergency surgery. She was unable to stand or walk on her rear legs and had lost control of her bladder and bowels. Our surgeon referred us to CARE for physical therapy. After ...Read More >>


"I'm Daisy Blanchard and I have been coming to the CARE center since April of 2008. My original graduation date was considerably delayed as, midway through my original therapy program, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I had to forgo therapy while I underwent chemotherapy. When I returned to the CARE program I was much weaker ...Read More >>


"The worst day of my life was 3/20/08 when my miniature dachshund, Tinkerbell sustained a T12-13 disc rupture and became paralyzed. She was treated surgically and recovered well but still had residual functional defeats. Sure, she is a very accomplished and fierce competitor in the obedience show ring; I wanted her to have every opportunity ...Read More >>


"When we first brought Lee to CARE, he was very depressed, was losing weight and could hardly walk. Since he has been treated by CARE, he is a new "person." He is so happy, enthusiastic, and full of life and energy. He has been doing underwater treadmill, physical therapy exercises and acupuncture. Everyone who knows Lee says that he is ...Read More >>


"I do want to say how great everyone is there at CARE - what a wonderful facility. Beyond the exceptional care and rehab work that is done...for me it's the personal touch, the genuine care, fondness and desire to get licks that won me over!! I have recommended you, and God forbid things get worse there is no other place to go but to CARE. Hopefully that will be a long way off because of the hands on therapy that you all taught me that will continue to keep my boy limber. We walk a lot more and when we are in Oregon and WA. all he does is swim and run." C.H., Jan 2009


"California Animal Rehab is incredible. They went above and beyond my expectations. When I brought my dog, Mosley, into the center, she had no use of either of her back legs and had not for 6 months. We had done some treadmill work at a facility in Indiana. I had seen small glimpses of hope and nerve responses, but to nearly anyone else who ...Read More >>


"The CARE and treatment that Kayla received from the wonderful staff at California Animal Rehabilitation was life changing, not only for her but me too. Kayla is 13 and is strong, happy and healthy due in large part to her therapy regime. I watched her go from lethargic depressed and sore, back to a vibrant, prancing and thriving. I would recommend C.A.R.E. to anyone, because the gift of a happy, healthy pet is the best gift I can give someone. Kayla and her sister Ruby say thank you too!! T.A., November 2008


"Indiana was treated like canine royalty by the staff at C.A.R.E. during his rehab. He made great improvements in the 4 weeks he was with Dr. Waldman, Dr. Kramer, and company. It is one of a kind treatment and now my dog will finally swim since he had aqua therapy at C.A.R.E. Thanks to all of you!" B.P., October 2008


"WHOOSH. . ." That was the sound of my finally exhaling the nervous breath I hadn't even realized I "had been" holding until I walked into CARE and met its amazing staff. The love of my life, Pasha, at the tender age of four had already undergone back surgery for two herniated discs that almost paralyzed her. Two years later, I awoke to ...Read More >>


"I am writing this as a testament to not only the miraculous healing that took place for my dog, Tucker, but for all of the dogs I have been witness to over the past year we have gone to CARE. Tucker is a ten-year-old yellow lab who was overtaken with degenerative disk disease. When he came to CARE, he was in excruciating pain. With the ...Read More >>


"From the moment we started noticing a problem with Kylie, to the total rehabilitation of her, CARE has been absolutely amazing, professional, attentive, loving and dedicated. Everything including the staff, service and care/attention was outstanding. Kylie is doing beautifully." L.K., August 2008


"Cleo can walk! Thank you CARE! Cleo was hit by a car on Jan 30, 2008. After 6 days in ICU at ASEC, she was released to me, stable but unable to lift herself, sit up or walk. In March, Cleo began physical therapy sessions with CARE twice a week. Water therapy and physical therapy, plus exercises Cleo and I did at home. We also added vitamins ...Read More >>


"Thank you for helping us and Leo so much! We have learned so much since the minute we walked through the door for the tour! The advice and techniques we've learned are invaluable. We know with tough love and prayer, Leo will be walking again soon! We're committed to his full recovery. We thank you so much for all your help! You guys are not only knowledgeable, you are awesome! Thanks and God Bless!" L.D., July 2008


"Benny had back surgery on July 03, 2007 with an 80-85% expected recovery. We found CARE 6 weeks post surgery and Benny could walk but only with assistance as he slipped and fell every few steps. We started a program of acupuncture and therapy 2x a week and saw progress immediately. But, after 4 weeks was our biggest breakthrough-no more "monkey ...Read More >>

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