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Testimonials: I learned to walk at C.A.R.E.


"SAMMI'S BACK! Let me introduce you to Sammi. A most unique dog. He is an eight year old spinger spaniel who was lucky enough to have met a most unique team of humans to help him. While barking at a neighbors dog one day, Mom noticed he had begun limping. His limping became worse, and after only two weeks his limping had turned into falling down. Upon her visit to her local vet, she was told he had ...Read More >>


"Eddie has made great progress at C.A.RE. He could hardly walk when he first arrived for therapy. With much extra effort on the part of Amy Kramer and Jessica Waldman, Eddie is an active, happy dog who continues to improve." N.D.


"Dr. Waldman and everyone at C.A.R.E has performed nothing less than a miracle with our thirteen and a half year old Lab, Arlo. When I brought him in, he had just had laryngeal surgery, then pneumonia. He was terribly weak, would barely lift his head, and would not eat. He had such bad arthritis and muscle atrophy that he could not stand nor walk, on his back legs at all, and he had to be walked with ...Read More >>


"Indiana was treated like canine royalty by the staff at C.A.R.E. during his rehab. He made great improvements in the 4 weeks he was with Dr. Waldman, Dr. Kramer, and company. It is one of a kind treatment and now my dog will finally swim since he had aqua therapy at C.A.R.E. Thanks to all of you!" B.P., October 2008


"California Animal Rehab is incredible. They went above and beyond my expectations. When I brought my dog, Mosley, into the center, she had no use of either of her back legs and had not for 6 months. We had done some treadmill work at a facility in Indiana. I had seen small glimpses of hope and nerve responses, but to nearly anyone else who saw her, she was a lost cause. She had sores from dragging ...Read More >>


"Just before Christmas 2008, Sofia, our 5 year old standard dachshund, suffered a ruptured disc and required surgery. After 6 weeks she suffered a second ruptured disc and needed emergency surgery. She was unable to stand or walk on her rear legs and had lost control of her bladder and bowels. Our surgeon referred us to CARE for physical therapy. After two months of 3x a week therapy, including ...Read More >>


"The people who work at CARE are the most amazing and caring group of people I have met, ever. The first time I took Sadie to CARE, it was a last ditch effort to save her. Sadie could not stand up by herself, could not put the pad of one of her paws on the ground, she would set the top of her foot down instead, she could not take herself outside to do her business, was lethargic and had no will. We ...Read More >>

TJ Stubbs

"The entire staff has been friendly and helpful. Any questions were promptly answered and any problems rapidly addressed. We saw our dog go from a point where he was dragging his back legs to where he is walking and even running in a very short time. The staff seemed even more pleased with his progress than we were and we were overjoyed. We cannot say enough about the care given to our dog and the ...Read More >>


We had a fantastic experience at CARE- from my first phone call when Andrew’s voice was calming and reassuring, and he got Dr. Waldman to explain the procedures and possibilities of what to expect, we knew we had found the best place for our paralyzed dog. Every visit brought a little progress and a lot of love. The exceptional staff all brought their expertise and love of animals. We were very ...Read More >>


When Mochi first injured her back and had to have surgery, I knew she would need rehabilitation afterwards. We care to CARE and under the care of Dr. Waldman & the staff there, she regained her ability to walk within a few months! Four years later, we are still coming for her tune ups! Mochi and I love the doctors and the staff here. They are the best! Thanks again CARE! J. Chee February 2013


When my beloved cat of nearly 17 years fell 12 feet from a mezzanine wall inside our home, he suffered something called a tail avulsion and nerve damage that limited his mobility in his back end/hind legs and rendered him incapable of controlling his feces or urinating on his own. The emergency hospital originally suspected he would have to have his tail amputated. Within several weeks of his fall, ...Read More >>


In November 2012, my eleven year old Pomeranian, Sadie, was diagnosed with Syringomyelia. Sadie’s first symptoms began in her front legs. Sadie frequently fell as she walked because her front legs were continuously giving out. Shortly after, her front legs began to splay which make it difficult to even stand. The symptoms quickly progressed to her back legs. Ultimately, Sadie was left with very little ...Read More >>


Floyd lost his leg to cancer a few months ago. He went into therapy as a preventative measure and this treatment here has been top notch and everyone has been so lovely and patient. Everyone here has helped him maintain his core strength and has strengthened his remaining limbs. I am so grateful for the care he has been given. Thank you so much. Well worth the investment. K. Moennig September ...Read More >>


I brought Webster to CARE after he hurt his back and could not lie down without yelping in pain. Dr. Waldman did a very thorough and impressive evaluation of his posture, gait, muscle size, diet, and medications. She prescribed a combination of diet and lifestyle changes, as well as physical therapy, and over time, Webster’s condition has markedly improved and he is back to comfortably walking ...Read More >>


"CARE has the most loving and wonderful family of Vets and attendants who truly help the animals with love and kindness. My dog could not walk when she came. They said they could help her. Now she is playing and walking. She can also run." A. Garrity - May 2012


When Honey came in she was dragging her rear and after 4wks she is now walking just fine. Thanks CARE! R. Kite, April 2011

Kodi Bear

As we all remember when I first brought Kodi Bear to CARE, he was beginning to fail in his attempt to move about. He then shut down completely. After 4 weeks of rehab, Kodi Bear was up and walking once more. We couldn't be more delighted and grateful for getting our dog back to functional and mobile. Thank you to Dr. Waldman and the very competent staff at CARE. J. H., December 2010


"My dog, Cleo, became paralyzed in her hind legs on 12/18/09. I was told by my vet to take her to City of Angels Hospital in Culver City, which I did and Cleo had surgery on her 2 hind legs. She stayed for 10 days and the Surgeon informed me there was a rehab place I should take her to. It was the best thing I did. She is still having therapy but does stand on her own and takes a few steps. CARE has ...Read More >>

Princess Clover

"Princess Clover's Care at 'CARE' has been life altering. She came to CARE unable to use her hind legs, in pain and recovering from disc/spinal surgery. In the last four weeks she's strengthened her core, her legs and relearned the art of ?walking the runway? almost without staggering. She's now mobile at home, happy and improving daily. The staff and Dr. JW are my heroes. 'We' love you. Blessings ...Read More >>


"My Roxie was an overweight and non-active dog that unfortunately had such a hard time wanting to be because of her bad front paws. By coming to CARE and meeting Dr. Oxford I now have a healthy Roxie, who has lost so much weight because of her wonderful new diet plan, supplements and exercises (which by the way, the diet has put my other 3 dogs into perfect shape too!) Roxie will always have bad front ...Read More >>


"Thank you for helping us and Leo so much! We have learned so much since the minute we walked through the door for the tour! The advice and techniques we've learned are invaluable. We know with tough love and prayer, Leo will be walking again soon! We're committed to his full recovery. We thank you so much for all your help! You guys are not only knowledgeable, you are awesome! Thanks and God Bless!" L.D., ...Read More >>


"Cleo can walk! Thank you CARE! Cleo was hit by a car on Jan 30, 2008. After 6 days in ICU at ASEC, she was released to me, stable but unable to lift herself, sit up or walk. In March, Cleo began physical therapy sessions with CARE twice a week. Water therapy and physical therapy, plus exercises Cleo and I did at home. We also added vitamins and supplements, as suggested. The results were slow but ...Read More >>


"While under the care of a dogwalker, Wily was hit by a van. Neurologists had little hope that he would have use of his hind legs. This was April 8, 2008. He began at CARE about 2 weeks later, and for the next 8 weeks, began the most amazing healing process ever. It's nothing short of a miracle what Drs. Jessica and Amy and the entire staff at CARE have done for our boy. Every single day we saw, and ...Read More >>


"Benny had back surgery on July 03, 2007 with an 80-85% expected recovery. We found CARE 6 weeks post surgery and Benny could walk but only with assistance as he slipped and fell every few steps. We started a program of acupuncture and therapy 2x a week and saw progress immediately. But, after 4 weeks was our biggest breakthrough-no more "monkey pants" or rather assistance with a sling. I would ...Read More >>


"In July 07 our 4 yr. old peekapoo Monkey suffered a ruptured disc and required emergency surgery. The post-op prognosis was not good with regard to Monkey being able to walk again, and also her ability to control her bladder and bowels. We were referred to CARE to get Monkey into physical therapy, but mainly because they do a lot of work with paralyzed dogs. We went with the unfortunate idea that ...Read More >>

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