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Testimonials: Post-Surgical Recovery


"In May of 2008, Nate was diagnosed with an ACL tear in his rear left leg. A Tibial Tuberosity Advancement procedure was performed and after a difficult recovery, I began to look for further rehabilitation care. Since Nate was so large (200+lbs), it was important to begin his rehab as soon as possible especially since the chance for an opposite leg tear was fairly high. Thank goodness I found C.A.R.E.! ...Read More >>


"Dr. Jessica Waldman and Dr. Amy Kramer and the staff at C.A.R.E. provided the ultimate recovery and rehabilitation for Xena my Jack Russell Terrier puppy. They have gone above and beyond to bring Xena full circle in her recovery. I am forever indebted to them for the nurturing and care Xena received while in therapy at their facility. At 7 months old Xena my very active Jack Russell Terrier ...Read More >>


"Eddie has made great progress at C.A.RE. He could hardly walk when he first arrived for therapy. With much extra effort on the part of Amy Kramer and Jessica Waldman, Eddie is an active, happy dog who continues to improve."



"I am completely satisfied with the care and rehab Shelby has received. She exceeded all expectations I thought she would have in such a short time. Shelby is now ready to go back into the show ring and start winning. All thanks to CARE." M.L.


"My Mom and I want to thank you for taking such good care of me. My Mom was so sad when my leg broke at my hip - especially since I am just two years old. My doctor told my Mom after I had surgery that I would be better in six months. Well Mom worried and worried as I just wasn't myself. Alii felt like doing was lay around. My leg hurt and I could no longer have any fun chasing my sister Belle or climbing ...Read More >>


"CARE and Dr. Waldman provided the best veterinary care our 2 and a half year old maltese has received in her short life. We originally brought Shiva in for pre- and post-surgery physical therapy to assist with her recovery for luxating patellas. Through Dr. Waldman's persistent, diligent and thorough care, we found an undiagnosed severe AA instability that had contributed to Shiva's gait problems ...Read More >>


"Dr. Waldman and everyone at C.A.R.E has performed nothing less than a miracle with our thirteen and a half year old Lab, Arlo. When I brought him in, he had just had laryngeal surgery, then pneumonia. He was terribly weak, would barely lift his head, and would not eat. He had such bad arthritis and muscle atrophy that he could not stand nor walk, on his back legs at all, and he had to be walked with ...Read More >>


"Words are not enough to express our gratitude for the excellent care Brooklyn received at California Animal Rehabilitation Center. Upon meeting Dr. Wladman, Adriana, Amy, and the staff at CARE I knew Brooklyn would be in good hands. Brooklyn, a cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, who was diagnosed with two medial luxating patellas before the age of one year, needed so much more post-surgery. I ...Read More >>


"Amy created a personalized physical therapy program for my 130 lb. Bernese Mtn. Dog after he fully tore his cruciate ligament. Even though I live in WA and she practices in CA, her detailed program and ability to answer all my questions produced 100% recovery. With cruciate tears, there is a very high percentage of injuring the other leg unless you have a good PT program to SLOWLY restore the mobility ...Read More >>


"In July 07 our 4 yr. old peekapoo Monkey suffered a ruptured disc and required emergency surgery. The post-op prognosis was not good with regard to Monkey being able to walk again, and also her ability to control her bladder and bowels. We were referred to CARE to get Monkey into physical therapy, but mainly because they do a lot of work with paralyzed dogs. We went with the unfortunate idea that ...Read More >>


"Benny had back surgery on July 03, 2007 with an 80-85% expected recovery. We found CARE 6 weeks post surgery and Benny could walk but only with assistance as he slipped and fell every few steps. We started a program of acupuncture and therapy 2x a week and saw progress immediately. But, after 4 weeks was our biggest breakthrough-no more "monkey pants" or rather assistance with a sling. I would ...Read More >>


"My Mom and I want to thank you for taking such good care of me. My Mom was so sad when my leg broke at my hip - especially since I am just two years old. My doctor told my Mom after I had surgery that I would be better in six months. Well Mom worried and worried as I just wasn't myself. Alii felt like doing was lay around. My leg hurt and I could no longer have any fun chasing my sister Belle or climbing ...Read More >>


"Zoey is now 14. Before we rescued her (when she was still a puppy), she had been hit by a car and her leg was shattered. Surgery repaired her leg, but she always walked (hiked, ran) with a limp. As Zoey got older, arthritis set in and she was less able to go on long walks and appeared to be in pain. Acupuncture and herbs helped, but only to a point, and pain medication also helped, but was very hard ...Read More >>


"Hello, my name is Mason. I am a little scrapper rescued from Sepulveda Boulevard in Sherman Oaks after miraculously crossing the street in the dark. My mama saw me and after a few minutes, scooped me up from my hiding spot behind a tire of a vehicle. Other than being scared, starving (only weighed barely 4 pounds at 6 months old) and cold I showed no signs of injury. After being given the OK from ...Read More >>

Princess Clover

"Princess Clover's Care at 'CARE' has been life altering. She came to CARE unable to use her hind legs, in pain and recovering from disc/spinal surgery. In the last four weeks she's strengthened her core, her legs and relearned the art of 'walking the runway' almost without staggering. She's now mobile at home, happy and improving daily. The staff and Dr. JW are my heroes. 'We' love you. Blessings ...Read More >>


My dog Cino and I have had an excellent experience with CARE. Cino is an American Pit Bull Terrier who has unfortunately suffered through pain and injury for most of his life. From the first broken tibia as a puppy (dog park accident) to multiple TPLO surgeries (torn cruciate ligaments in both knees) to the near life-ending spinal meningitis endured post-surgery, I was always wondering if he could ...Read More >>


Since starting CARE rehab in November (of this year) our golden retriever, Dylan, has shown good improvement. The major change that I have noticed is his overall wellbeing. I can tell he is in less pain than before starting CARE. Dylan used to have a heavy pant all the time no matter what was going on. Now, he is much calmer with very little panting and to me that is a sign that he is in less pain. ...Read More >>


Thank you Dr. Waldman and staff for treating our beloved little mini-schnauzer Pepper, after he had his rear leg removed due to cancer. We were nervous and scared about how to care for Pepper after his surgery, and you and your group were so kind, helpful, and re-assuring. You started Pepper on a very healthy food plan (we joke that Pepper eats better than we do now), with healthy supplements and ...Read More >>


Due to extreme hip dysplasia, Wyatt had a total right hip replacement at just 3 years old. Unfortunately, by age 5 the replacement had failed and had to be removed, leaving him with no hip at all. He could just limp around and was very depressed. After 8 weeks at CARE, twice a week, he is walking normally running happily and chasing his beloved tennis balls. He is once again our happy, sweet furry ...Read More >>


"CARE has the most loving and wonderful family of Vets and attendants who truly help the animals with love and kindness. My dog could not walk when she came. They said they could help her. Now she is playing and walking. She can also run. " A. Garrity - May 2012


Toro was adopted after a major injury and elbow surgery. CARE generously donated rehab for Toro and it has made a huge difference in his recovery. He was barely using his arm when we brought him over and also had difficulty with other limbs. After several weeks, Toro is practically healthy! The staff at CARE has been the best! They were extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and helpful. Both ...Read More >>


Penny came to CARE after she got hit by a car & had to undergo major surgeries. She walked for the first time at her initial evaluation, and continued to improve with every session. We were thrilled to find out that she had multiple inches of nerve regeneration after the first month of rehab. The CARE staff was very patient with Penny & we felt like many of the staff members truly cared about Penny’s ...Read More >>


When Mochi first injured her back and had to have surgery, I knew she would need rehabilitation afterwards. We care to CARE and under the care of Dr. Waldman & the staff there, she regained her ability to walk within a few months! Four years later, we are still coming for her tune ups! Mochi and I love the doctors and the staff here. They are the best! Thanks again CARE! J. Chee February 2013

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