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Testimonials: Hip Problems

Java and Nutmeg

"We have been blown away by the treatment out two Labrador Retrievers have received at CARE. You have definitely improved the quality of life for Java and Nutmeg. We?ve watched you go above and beyond time and time again. It's so wonderful to find people who really put the wellbeing of animals first. We've seen you come up with solutions to unique situations and keep on working until you find just ...Read More >>


"Dr. Waldman and everyone at C.A.R.E has performed nothing less than a miracle with our thirteen and a half year old Lab, Arlo. When I brought him in, he had just had laryngeal surgery, then pneumonia. He was terribly weak, would barely lift his head, and would not eat. He had such bad arthritis and muscle atrophy that he could not stand nor walk, on his back legs at all, and he had to be walked with ...Read More >>

Atlas & Thea

"Although we are both in the fitness industry, we finally had to face the fact that our 4 year old Mastiffs, Atlas and Thea, were fat. Really fat. We tried different food and exercise combinations; however, we had little success. With Atlas weighing 215 lbs and Thea around 175 lbs their mobility was limited and painful arthritis was making their lives less enjoyable. Atlas was having trouble just standing ...Read More >>


"Dr. Jessica Waldman and Dr. Amy Kramer and the staff at C.A.R.E. provided the ultimate recovery and rehabilitation for Xena my Jack Russell Terrier puppy. They have gone above and beyond to bring Xena full circle in her recovery. I am forever indebted to them for the nurturing and care Xena received while in therapy at their facility. At 7 months old Xena my very active Jack Russell Terrier ...Read More >>


"When I first met Dr. Waldman, Sadie (my Golden Retriever) was diagnosed with Hip dysplasia and was headed for surgery. Sadie was not doing well. She limped when she walked, had difficulty climbing stairs and her leg would shake a lot. Upon my first visit to CARE, I met the entire staff. Amy, Alex, Adriana and David, as well as Dr. Waldman. From the first visit I knew Sadie was in good hands. Amy and ...Read More >>


"Zoey is now 14. Before we rescued her (when she was still a puppy) ? she had been hit by a car and her leg was shattered. Surgery repaired her leg, but she always walked (hiked, ran) with a limp. As Zoey got older, arthritis set in and she was less able to go on long walks and appeared to be in pain. Acupuncture and herbs helped, but only to a point, and pain medication also helped, but was very hard ...Read More >>


"The skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable, quality care that our 13 yr old Black Labrador Retriever, Shelby, received at California Animal Rehabilitation was unforgettable, and very much appreciated! CARE should be considered Gold Standard in animal care and rehabilitation. We first went to CARE for guidance and assistance in helping Shelby with her arthritis, hip dysplasia, and hind end weakness. ...Read More >>


My experience has been great. Everyone at rehab seems to go the extra mile to help Rudy. Dr. Waldman has been very informative with Rudy's condition. Rudy has definitely benefited from rehab. As Rudy has arthritis has good days and bad days. Rudy will continue his rehab for another few months. Thank you to all the great staff! Thanks CARE! R. Williams, March 2011


After being incorrectly diagnosed by two orthopedic specialists for a cruciate ligament tear we went to “CARE” for a 2nd opinion. Dr. Waldman correctly diagnosed Qika’s injury to her ankle and enrolled her in an 8 week rehab program (2x a week). I was skeptical at first but soon after, our first treatments I saw the improvements in her leg back, and in everyday movements. I felt comfortable ...Read More >>


The term success story truly describes Bosley’s experience. We were concerned that Bosley would lose his leg and that is now history! The staff is A+ from desk help to the techs, they have been tremendous in his success. Bosley still has a few treatments still to go and we anticipate even more success and a life for Bosley with his leg and a lot less pain. As for Dr. Waldman, well she is off the ...Read More >>


Wow, where can I start? I first met Dr. Waldman and Amy about 6 years ago when my then 5 year old Bernese Mountain dog Hudson was having a really hard time walking. She had always had orthopedic issues, 2 elbow surgeries before the age of 2, both hips 1/3rd in the socket, and had just been diagnosed by an MRI with 3 bulging discs (two in her neck and one right by the end of her spine). I was told back ...Read More >>


It is a profound pleasure to find an organization staffed with professionals who truly love animals!! Our association with CARE has been wonderful and Kupo continues to get better and better. Thank you so much! Kupo With L. Sievers November 2012


Kiehe was born with some genetic deformity to both her hind legs as well as her front right elbow. Kiehe was the second patient up the opening of CARE which has been over 5 years now and if it wasn’t for the patience of the technicians @ CARE as well as Dr. Waldmans expertise, Kiehe would not have enjoyed her 9 years here on earth chasing gofers, cats and horses. She even tried to climb a tree once ...Read More >>


The CARE staff is very nice and knowledgeable. Charlee, my 105 lb newfoundland had a knee injury and hip dysplasia. CARE helped Charlee get through her injury and future issues. We had an option of surgery or physical therapy. We opted for physical therapy and are very happy with the outcome. Thank you CARE! Charlee With K. Doner October 2011


The folks at CARE are great. They are so loving and tender with all their patients. My standard poodle was having problems with his back legs and they were abel to determine the cause and correct the problem in 8 weeks. They give good handouts and instructions and answer all your questions. They truly CARE!!! Jacques With J. Scheff October 2012


In just 4 weeks, Indiana has improved a lot! He had a torn ligament and wasn’t standing on his rear left leg at all. Now he stands, walks normally, and sleeps better. He’ll still have off days when he pushes himself too much, but he has more good days. His muscle mass has increased in the hurt leg too. Indiana With M. Schuyler October 2012


Fred is a 9 month old lab puppy who before therapy at CARE couldn’t walk more than a block without stopping. He had already had surgery on both shoulders and was experiencing quite a bit of pain in his hips and elbows as well. Throughout therapy, Fred has steadily improved and is able to exercise regularly and basically be a “puppy” again. More often than not he will now tire me out before I ...Read More >>

Buddy & Rocky

I have 2 mini schnauzers who are 10 and 12 years of age. The 10 year old was visibly limping. Dr. Oxford evaluated Buddy and noted he had cervical/ lumbar spine abnormality. On the appropriate program his pain resolved and his strength improved. He will be tapered off his maintenance program. Buddy is now so happy being pain free. In the middle of therapy Buddy abruptly lost his sight due to cataracts. ...Read More >>


Due to extreme hip dysplasia, Wyatt had a total right hip replacement at just 3 years old. Unfortunately, by age 5 the replacement had failed and had to be removed, leaving him with no hip at all. He could just limp around and was very depressed. After 8 weeks at CARE, twice a week, he is walking normally running happily and chasing his beloved tennis balls. He is once again our ...Read More >>


When Giotto came to CARE he was walking on three legs. I was considering a hip replacement. After two months at CARE his walking is almost back to normal. He has a lot more energy and he looks forward to his treatments every week. The staff at CARE is outstanding.

Thank you! Giotto With A. Saban May 2012


I found everyone at the rehab to be friendly and professional. Lily was treated well and so was I. Lily With D. Keiper October 2011


"I feel so much better since I've been coming to CARE. My bones and muscles are better AND I've made so many new friends too!! I look forward to my trip to CARE every week. Although I'm doing so good they tell me I may only have to come once a month, which is good I guess but I'll miss seeing my new buddies. I am a T.V. star, you know, so my ability to walk, sit, and all that stuff is very important. ...Read More >>

Chloe Coco

"Hi! My name is Chloe. I am a standard poodle. My mom and dad decided to enroll me in the California Animal Rehabilitation program when they noticed that I had difficulties doing normal things like getting up on their bed or just sitting. I was a little anxious when I first came over to visit the clinic, but the staff made me feel welcome and secure with their experience. My favorite part of the treatment ...Read More >>


"CARE was a great experience for Happy and for me. Happy got the help she needed to gain confidence in herself and her ability to move around as she has always done. And she experienced the types of therapeutic exercises she will probably for the rest of her life in a calm setting. She also got to see other dogs having some of the same difficulties she was having. For my part, I got the information ...Read More >>


"We really appreciate the knowledge and friendliness of the staff at CARE. Dr. Waldman seems to have made an excellent diagnosis and therapy plan." M.M., June 2010


"My dog shows an improvement in his muscles and activity. He wants to play, before he never was in the mood of playing. He still has trouble going for walks, because he starts to limp after a few minutes. But never the less, he developed muscle and he can stretch further than before. I've put him, with the advice of Dr. Waldman, on a diet on which he lost a few pounds already. I'm looking forward to ...Read More >>


Bella has made incredible progress and improvement since she began her therapy at CARE. The Doctors and staff are so compassionate and knowledgeable. They fully evaluated Bella and helped her tremendously when all her other vets didn’t have one answer.  Bella was limping and her rear end was collapsing before her treatments and now she doesn’t fall and has more energy. I would ...Read More >>


"The team at CARE is amazing. My first exposure was to Dr. Jessica Waldman who was not only professional and caring but totally cool. She had a sense from the start that our dog T-bone may have had something else going on. Originally his joints were swollen, he couldn't use his left rear leg, he was feverish and barely eating and was diagnosed with a staph infection. His symptoms dissipated but ...Read More >>


"P-Nutt is a small Yorkie breed that was born with a subloxated left hip. He stopped using his back leg at 6-7 months. We had him operated on at 1 year. Due to his small size (7 lbs.), he was perfectly happy to exist on 3 legs. We wanted him to have a full life and use his fourth leg. We brought to CARE. They had a program of exercises, therapy and acupuncture. He re-learned to use his 4th leg and ...Read More >>


"Just want to report that Roger is doing much better since his last treatment and evaluation. Since then, Roger is able to do 10 to 15 minute walks and he doesn't seem to be in pain as he was before and during the treatments. Thank you very much for making Roger get better!" J.C., August 2008


"When we first brought Lee to CARE, he was very depressed, was losing weight and could hardly walk. Since he has been treated by CARE, he is a new "person." He is so happy, enthusiastic, and full of life and energy. He has been doing underwater treadmill, physical therapy exercises and acupuncture. Everyone who knows Lee says that he is making a marvelous recovery. We recommend CARE for any ...Read More >>

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