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Testimonials: Cats


"Small fell from the 6th floor in our apartment in India. He broke his 3 legs. He could not walk or move, he could only move his head. We treated him in India, but it did not work out. That is when we came to the US to try to fix him. We heard about CARE and we came. We thought the therapy looked cool. Eventually, he started doing much better, and now he can walk on his own. I am so thankful to CARE ...Read More >>


"My Mom and I want to thank you for taking such good care of me. My Mom was so sad when my leg broke at my hip - especially since I am just two years old. My doctor told my Mom after I had surgery that I would be better in six months. Well Mom worried and worried as I just wasn't myself. Alii felt like doing was lay around. My leg hurt and I could no longer have any fun chasing my sister Belle or climbing ...Read More >>


"Hello, my name is Mason. I am a little scrapper rescued from Sepulveda Boulevard in Sherman Oaks after miraculously crossing the street in the dark. My mama saw me and after a few minutes, scooped me up from my hiding spot behind a tire of a vehicle. Other than being scared, starving (only weighed barely 4 pounds at 6 months old) and cold I showed no signs of injury. After being given the OK from ...Read More >>


When my beloved cat of nearly 17 years fell 12 feet from a mezzanine wall inside our home, he suffered something called a tail avulsion and nerve damage that limited his mobility in his back end/hind legs and rendered him incapable of controlling his feces or urinating on his own. The emergency hospital originally suspected he would have to have his tail amputated. Within several weeks of his fall, ...Read More >>


"Ever since I was a kitten, I've had a luxating patella (dislocating kneecap). I used to be able to shake my leg and kick my knee back into place. At some point, I injured myself, rupturing the cruciate ligament in my knee. Then my kneecap got stuck in a dislocated position, and scar tissue formed. I started limping, and my muscles atrophied in my left leg. I was in pain some of the time, and I didn't ...Read More >>

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