What a wonderfully special place! Right from the start the warm introduction by Callie on the phone (who seems to take everything in ‘stride’) to the first hello by Brittney and the entire front office team to JoBim’s new favorite doctor and one I truly trust and respect – Heather Oxford – what a delight she is warm, caring and so very smart and ‘open’ and now Nicole for acupuncture so kind and dear (lovely addition) and then therapy begins — what a staff of talented assistants and techs ? CAT + Dave + Jimmy + Amanda + Laurie + Steve + Jake + Jennifer + Juan + Stephanie (and if I’m missing anything – I don’t mean to!) The list goes on and on each with distinct personalities and talent but they all have in common an ease and a love of animals.

There is of course the physical therapists Josh and Noriko on the weekends too — and Amy who is full of patience and strength and is unique in her calmness and understanding for both the patient and their ‘parents’.

What an amazing team ? that JoBim and I truly appreciate and cherish. They do CARE– and it shows! Thanks CARE!

J. Bush, June 2011