My 11 year old darlin’ Hannahbelle just yanked my arm right outta my socket ~ and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Late last year Hannahbelle was hardly able to complete her simple walks let alone pick up the pace for a squirrel chase. She may have looked wistfully at a squirrel darting up a tree and only to look back at me as if to say, “I’m gonna have to pass, mom.” After a full blood panel at our local vet, I learned our then 10 year old, 66 pound mix, was healthier than most dogs half her age. Having just gone through rehab for a rotator cuff tear myself, I knew the drag of aging and thought Hannahbelle deserved some treatment. A friend had been to C.A.R.E. and raved. After hearing about the underwater treadmill and P.T. treatments I knew I’d lived in Southern California way too long when I made an initial appointment and trudged over from the Valley. Reluctantly, I bought the package from Dr. Jessica Waldman. Who could say no to such a loving and wise soul! It was definitely a commitment and loving act – as well as a hard hit to our family vacation fund – but I’d do it again and again in a heartbeat. Hannahbelle is SO much more comfortable and back to smiling and even chasing her pals! We keep up her P.T. on our own now and feed her a special real food mix along with supplements fit for the princess she is. Don’t think twice! The money and time just comes and the efforts are well worth it! And along with canines, we met some wonderful fellow clients and professionals!

Go C.A.R.E. go!