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Testimonials: Accident Recovery


"Eddie has made great progress at C.A.RE. He could hardly walk when he first arrived for therapy. With much extra effort on the part of Amy Kramer and Jessica Waldman, Eddie is ...Read More >>

Lilly Claire

My brand new Yorky puppy, Lilly Claire, fell off the bed 3 days after I got her and fractured her leg. It was splinted for the next four weeks, but there were some unexpected side effects that made it difficult for Lilly Claire to bend her leg, and her knee cap was slipping in and out of her tibia. My doctor recommended doggy rehab for Lilly and I laughed. I had never heard of such a thing! If the ...Read More >>


After Lolly was hit by a car emergency doctors were not sure she would regain the use of her front leg but CARE staff were so positive that she improve and the care was so comprehensive that after a ...Read More >>


"Small fell from the 6th floor in our apartment in India. He broke his 3 legs. He could not walk or move, he could only move his head. We treated him in India, but it did not work out. That is when we came to the US to try to fix him. We heard about CARE and we came. We thought the therapy looked cool. Eventually, he started doing much better, and now he can walk on his own. I am so thankful to CARE ...Read More >>


In January of 2013, we brought our four year old Silken Windhound boy, Dior (BIS RBIS UKC Grand CH, ISWS Ch, IABCA/ICKC Int’l Ch Allagante Christian Dior, LMC II, EC, SRC, ASFA, FCh, CGC, Delta Society/Pet Partners Therapy Dog), to C.A.R.E. when a friend (who saw him tumble and had the same occurrence with her Rhodesian Ridgeback so she recognized what she was witnessing) recommended Dr. Jessica ...Read More >>


Penny came to CARE after she got hit by a car & had to undergo major surgeries. She walked for the first time at her initial evaluation, and continued to improve with every session. We were thrilled to find out that she had multiple inches of nerve regeneration after the first month of rehab. The CARE staff was very patient with Penny & we felt like many of the staff members truly cared about ...Read More >>


After being incorrectly diagnosed by two orthopedic specialists for a cruciate ligament tear we went to “CARE” for a 2nd opinion. Dr. Waldman correctly diagnosed Qika’s injury to her ankle and enrolled her in an 8 week rehab program (2x a week). I was skeptical at first but soon after, our first treatments I saw the improvements in her leg back, and in everyday movements. I felt comfortable ...Read More >>


Toro was adopted after a major injury and elbow surgery. CARE generously donated rehab for Toro and it has made a huge difference in his recovery. He was barely using his arm when we brought him over and also had difficulty with other limbs. After several weeks, Toro is practically healthy! The staff at CARE has been the best! They were extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and helpful. Both ...Read More >>


Both my special needs chow chows have had a host of issues to overcome. Most recently, both suffer from bad elbow dysplasia, and consequential/related issues in spine and other limbs. Both recently endured a bacterial infection that affected their weakened limbs. With CARE’s programs, they have made remarkable progress. Their limping and lameness or other pain and discomfort has ...Read More >>

Penny Lane

On 3/29/11 Penny Lane was hit by a car. Dr. Morgan @ City of Angels saved her leg after the first vet suggested we amputate or put her down. 4 weeks later she started her rehab at CARE. I feel as if everyone at CARE has become members of our family and Penny Lane clearly feels the same way. In addition to the amazing loving atmosphere, Penny also ...Read More >>


CARE is a fantastic facility dedicated to the rehabilitation of animals. Ours, an adorable chocolate lab/staffy terrier mix, was hit by a car requiring weeks of crate rest before we could even contemplate physical therapy. She also had to undergo surgery where two pins were used to help fuse the pelvic bones where needed. She was a trooper. But ...Read More >>


"When I was first asked to foster Scooby, a 70lb. German Shepherd who had been hit by a car, I didn?t know what to do. Upon receiving him into our home and lives, we were told that he needed to attend physical therapy sessions at CARE twice per week. I had never cared for a dog with a disability before and I was quite nervous. Scooby?s hind right leg was atrophied and he wouldn?t let it touch the ground ...Read More >>


"Hello, my name is Mason. I am a little scrapper rescued from Sepulveda Boulevard in Sherman Oaks after miraculously crossing the street in the dark. My mama saw me and after a few minutes, scooped me up from my hiding spot behind a tire of a vehicle. Other than being scared, starving (only weighed barely 4 pounds at 6 months old) and cold ...Read More >>


"WHOOSH. . ." That was the sound of my finally exhaling the nervous breath I hadn?t even realized I?had been?holding until I walked into CARE and met its amazing staff. The love of my life, Pasha, at the tender age of four had already undergone back surgery for two herniated discs that almost paralyzed her. Two years later, I awoke to the same heart-wrenching sound of my baby in pain. From that ...Read More >>


Just want to report that Roger is doing much better since his last treatment and evaluation. Since then, Roger is able to do 10 to 15 minute walks and he doesn't seem to be in pain as he was before and ...Read More >>


Cleo can walk! Thank you CARE! Cleo was hit by a car on Jan 30, 2008. After 6 days in ICU at ASEC, she was released to me, stable but unable to lift herself, sit up or walk. In March, Cleo began physical therapy sessions with CARE twice a week. Water therapy and physical therapy, plus exercises Cleo and I did at home. We also added vitamins and supplements, as suggested. The results were slow but ...Read More >>


While under the care of a dogwalker, Wily was hit by a van. Neurologists had little hope that he would have use of his hind legs. This was April 8, 2008. He began at CARE about 2 ? weeks later, and for the next 8 weeks, began the most amazing healing process ever. It's nothing short of a miracle what Drs. Jessica and Amy and the entire staff at CARE have done for our boy. Every single day we saw, ...Read More >>

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