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Patient Recovery Videos

Tripawds (3-part Video)

Tripawds interview with California Animal Rehab (CARE) Founders Dr. Jessica Waldman and Dr. Amy Kramer ...Read More >>

Cat Olympics (Video)

Molly prepares for the Cat Olympics with a CARE weight loss and fitness regimen.

Small’s Journey to Recovery (Video)

Small the cat fell 6 stories and broke 3 of his legs. When his owner brought him to CARE, he couldn't ...Read More >>

Lucy Gets Rehab (Video)

Lucy, the three legged Rottweiler, had her rear leg amputated due to osteosarcoma. Watch her do stretching ...Read More >>

Sonny’s Story

Success story about Sonny, a happy but overweight 8-year-old Yellow Lab with arthritis and a long-term ...Read More >>

Huckleberry’s Story

  Success story about Huckleberry, a four year old Yellow Labrador. Huckleberry's elbow arthritis ...Read More >>

Sammi’s Story

"SAMMI'S BACK! Let me introduce you to Sammi. A most unique dog. He is an eight year old spinger spaniel ...Read More >>

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